Carnegie Mellon University

Technology can make the world a better place. But it must be done so carefully and with a fuller understanding of the implications it brings.

What should the infrastructure for a smart, connected city of the future look like? Does it adequately address the real problem of sustainability? What functionality does that infrastructure expose and who controls it?

Whether it building smart grids which use historical usage data to estimate consumption or promoting public health through the medicalization of off-the-shelf consumer electronics, an understanding of the problem being addressed and the challenges the solution gives rise to is critical.

It is here that our work on applied systems and infrastructure thrives. In a world where sensors are embedded in our roads and Internet of Things technologies generate massive amounts of data, how do we engineer such systems to do the most good while preventing misuse? Our cross-cutting faculty address such concerns in an interdisciplinary fashion, leveraging computer science, big data analysis, electrical and computer engineering, alongside social sciences to forge breakthroughs which will shape the world of responsibly developed technology to come.

Research Projects

Devices for Activity and Health Tracking
IoT Expedition

Livehoods Project      
Managing User Privacy on Smartphones

Moving Targets Protection

Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security
Personalized Privacy Assistant