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Can you rewrite this as a very short metadescription of the webpage? Technology is invariably guided by policy. Whether it is public policy originating from government bodies or corporate policy, the technology landscape is bound and shaped by policy. And while it is important that current technologies comply with existing laws and policies, we must also strive to shape the future of technology. Both through the public and private sectors, it is imperative that a robust understanding of socio-technical implications lead to actionable policy that guides technology in a direction which betters the world.

Our work here at CMU addresses both the present concerns of existing law and policy as well as the needs of policymakers in shaping tech policies of the future. Our faculty is drawn from across campus, leveraging CMU’s rich traditions in public policy and computer science, to conduct research which affords us greater insight into the key concerns created by shifting laws and regulations in addition to preparing the next generation of thought-leaders and policymakers to take the reins.

Research Projects 

IoT Expedition

Personalized Privacy Assistant

Usable Privacy Policy Project